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CAPRI MOVIES – Sophia, Totò, B.B. & others , , , , , , , , , , ,

by: Sergio Lambiase

filmography edited by: Germana Ayala.
translated from italian by: Jehanne Marchesi



(…) Combining the glamour of celebrities at odds with the photographers and the newsreel-making cameramen whit the movie-making itself, in the course of a century the enormous poen-air set which is Capri generated an incredible number of films in which the island became in turn the absolute object of desire (from Melville Shavelson’s It started in Naples to Ernesto Remani’s L’isola del sogno, to Mariano Shavelson’s Un jeans e una maglietta) or else burst into the story through collateral episodes (from Roberto Rossellini‘s Viaggio in Italia – Journey to Italy – to John Schlesinger’s Darling, to Steno’s Totò a colori – Totò in colour –) or was evoked through the rhetorical game of substitutions (in Edith Calmar’s film Doeden er et kjortegn an umbrella and a little sand are enough to recall the nostalgia of a holiday;in Luchino Visconti‘s Ludwig the phosphorescense of the Venusgrotte re-evoked the Blue Grotto) (…)

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