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by: James Hillman

translated (and noted) by: Silvia Ronchey

English and Italian Edition


Although the ancient Greeks called her the Golden One and the Smiling One, Venus is above all «the bringer of sweet temptation that transgresses the ethical order with little concern for justice» as Hillman tells us in this penetrating essay which is full of surprises, highlighted by an uninterrupted firestorm of images and intuition. Followers of Aphrodite, those who worship her and bring her gifts, who «would make each moment of their day show a sign of Venus in manner, odor, decor, dress and speech» have been relegated in our civilization «to a lesser, trivial place, neither serious nor moral». But those who dedicate their lives to Aphrodite can also be made completely mad, and become liars, manic and cruel. That is why Hillman dares to «invite Aphrodite into psychology». He wants «to imagine a psychology that develops its ideas and its practice more to her liking». «Where is beauty in psychology?» is the question that must be answered, because until now, «in its theories, in its training of psychologists, in the language it speaks and writes, in the dress of its practitioners» their «disregard of display insults Aphrodite and narrows the idea of soul to only the unseen interior of human beings. Psychology goes about its business of exploring the human heart ignoring the heart’s essential longing – not only for love, but for beauty». What is the reason for the unhappy relation between psychology and beauty? The fact is that Venus, as Hillman explains, «has been trapped in a basic Christian dilemma that divides beauty from goodness and truth, splitting the classical idea of kalokagathon – beauty and goodness held in one term». The long history of Christianized philosophy «has driven ethics from aesthetics, Justice from Beauty, so that we customarily believe that you cannot be both good and beautiful, ethical and alluring; nor can the pleasures of the senses be the path to truth».

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