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FOOTNOTE ON CAPRI. Di NORMAN DOUGLAS. Foto di / Photographs by Umberto D'Aniello.
Pagine 105. Formato 18x20. Testo in italiano ed in inglese. Collana Astrea. Edizioni La Conchiglia Capri.

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by: Norman Douglas

Photographs by Umberto D’Aniello

English and Italian Edition

At the end of the 19th century Douglas had chosen Capri as the ideal site for his transformazions: the Mediterranean island-synthesis of the tending towards a reunification with the past and with Nature, vehicle for a passage through different dimensions, symbol of an ambiguous and evasive nature. (…)

Besides being the admirable synthesis of a deep and varied knowledge of Capri, Footnote on Capri represents the writer’s last tribute to his beloved island.

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