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CAPRI - FRAMMENTI DI UNO STILE / FRAGMENTS OF STYLE. A cura di / by Riccardo Esposito e Ausilia Veneruso. Pagg. 168. Formato 24,50x23,50. Collana Haliotis. Edizioni La Conchiglia Capri.


by: Ausilia Veneruso e Riccardo Esposito

We have  attempted  to reconstruct through fragments –  the photographic images of  people of greater or lesser fame connected through their frequent visits to or existence on the island – a now lost, dispersed and forgotten pattern. Fragments, as we said, like the pieces of a disassembled puzzle: we have tried  to join uneven parts searching for  links, connections and assonances; we have proceeded tentatively and made mistakes. We cannot know the result now, though we can be sure that if it is successful the final composition will  transmit a lost equilibrium and, above all, give us a key for  interpreting a nature peculiar to the Island: a nature, a hidden cipher, which for the sake of convention and  fortuity we would like to call “Capri Style”.

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Dimensioni 24.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 cm

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