Editions La Conchiglia – THE WINDOW – BARNEYS NEW YORK 28 Agosto 2014 – Posted in: Rassegna stampa – Tags: , , ,

Editions La Conchiglia  was born in Capri in 1989 and brought to life by publisher Ausilia Veneruso. Its structure is that of a niche publishing house that carries special interest books. Their catalogue has more than 200 titles, chosen based on the idea of the journey, the Mediterranean, and the belief that Capri has to be an extraordinary art and culture destination. Barneys is proud to carry several of these beautiful books, including:Capri 1950: Vita Dolce Vita, CapriMovies: Sophia, Totò, B.B. & Gli AltriCapri, Frammenti Di Uno Stile/Fragments Of Style, and Un Mito Nel Mito: Jackie’s Capri.

“Every book is an island. Each island, like each book, is a space for total confinement to access total freedom,” is Veneruso’s thought on Editions The Conch’s aspirations to remain a publishing house that focuses on the subjects inherent to the Capri lifestyle.